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Training Opportunties 


                                       5/13    Mill Creek Elementary School                

                                        6/17    Jefferson Middle School

                             Registration begins at 6:45 pm, training starts promptly at 7:00 pm

                                                         You may register at the following link:


Questions? Just email us at



Is your garage door a vulnerable entry into your home?      





News about Social Networks helping

Neighbors fight Crime in St Louis!! 



WATCH video here -->http://vimeo.com/59427424


or Read this article from the St Louis Post Dispatch by Clicking here -->  http://tinyurl.com/coc9yo9

There are two new social websites for neighbors to connect.


To Nextdoor --> https://nextdoor.com/

To i-Neighbors --> https://www.i-neighbors.org/


Columbia Neighborhood Watch is all about promoting community involvment in fighting crime by connecting people, information and ideas through its website, annual events and training sessions.  

In a good society, rules have been created to help things run smoothly, and to protect the citizen from crime and acts of injustice.  That said, we do share NEWS and links of ideas on this website.  Citizens need to investigate and decide for themselves whether to utilize those ideas or not at their own riskWe are not promoting nor are we liable for any harm or damages caused from the outcome of ideas used or shared from NEWS or links on this website.

If you have questions, concerns or information to share about news or ideas provided.

Please emailto:col.neighwatch@gmail.com


   Coming soon to a location near you...

  2015 Neighborhood Watch Training!

Watch for announcements to register:


Please join Columbia Neighborhood Watch and the Columbia Police Department in keeping your neighborhood safe! Learn about Neighborhood Watch and the benefits of being a part of Neighborhood Watch.

Online registration is appreciated.



The Columbia Neighborhood Watch together with the Columbia Police Department are holding joint training sessions for residents and people who work in the city. If you would like to attend," please use the pre-registration" on this site.  Please encourage others to attend.

It's important to consider revitalizing your watch group by notifying your current members, or any new neighbors for a one-hour training session. 

CNW/CPD  THANK YOU for participating! 

Please Email any questions to:


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503 E Nifong, #183,Columbia, MO 65201-3792

The mission of Neighborhood Watch is to provide information and assistance which encourages neighborhood involvement to be effective, watchful neighbors with the goal of reducing crime.



We now offer "Pre-registration" for our training events.  This is particularly important for those city residents who would like to attend one of our special "Joint Trainings" sponsored by both CNW & the Columbia Police Dept (CPD).  Because of the time commitment of on-duty officers & cost to CPD, we must require a minimum level of attendence.  This new feature not only allows us to "track" this requirement, but also a way to notify any 'pre-registrants' who have 'signed up' in the event we must cancel the event.  For more information, please go to the left margin of this page & 'click-on' "Upcoming Events".



CNW is having to 'update' its 30 year old records through E-mail contacts only.  We are finding that very few E-mail 'addresses' that we have on file are accurate!  People are changing internet service providers all the time and thereby acquiring a new address.  So, we need you to "Register" with us now!  Just click-on the 'link' in the upper right header.  Please be sure, under "User Comments", to indicate your "role" as Captain in your block group.   Why is this extremely important?  Because under our new system, these individual members records (some 4,000 of them) are now available 24 hours/7 days a week for the use of CPD "beat officers" to contact our members by E-mail (or phone occasionally) to inform them of active crimes within their neighborhoods or their immediate block.  The most prevalent contact by the officers will be E-mails within a subdivision or on particular streets, and many times they want to contact only Captains.


"Things your Burglar won't tell you"  Click-on "More Information" link in left margin.

  On the left side of this page are links to a number of options of specific information about our volunteer program.    In the upper 'header' are a number of links to 'general information'.  The link "crime stats" provides a current 'crime incident' report (updated daily by CPD) which can be 'customized' to your home address and expanded 'out' from there.  To register on our site, you must be either a member of CNW, or personnel of the Columbia Police Dept (CPD).  Registered members find additional 'options' available, such as submitting a crime report directly to CPD from this website.  To 'Register', see link in 'upper header'.

CNW is a local, private volunteer organization that is incorporated as a Non-Profit under MO law, and designated by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) public charity.  We are supported by voluntary, tax-deductible contributions from private citizens and organizations.

Affiliated with the largest organized volunteer crime prevention project in the nation, we work closely with the CPD for technical advise.  A representative of the Columbia Police Chief is an 'Ex-Officio' member of our Board.

In these times of increased concern about home and apartment  burglaries and other residential crime, the volunteer Neighborhood Watch program is more important than ever!  If you would like to help support the CNW, please make a tax-deductible contribution by clicking on the button below.  For further information on the program and how you can get involved, please contact us.

CNW Board of Directors


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