Neighborhoodwatch Training

Open Training Sessions

The Columbia Neighborhood Watch together with the Columbia Police Department are holding joint training sessions for residents and people who work in the city. Please pre-register for open training sessions.

Event Information:

  • Mon

    In-Person Neighborhood Watch Training

    6:30 pmMolly Bowden Policing Center 1204 International Dr Columbia

Neighborhood Specific Training Sessions

We also offer private specific training to neighborhood association, organizations or other interested groups. Please contact us to arrange a training session.   Review guidelines for requesting neighborhood specific training sessions.

FREE Training via Webinar:

Train in the convenience of your home over the internet. This is the same training we
present in person. The webinar will take a little over an hour of your time.

  •  Click on the registration form and fill it out.
  • We will hold the form until we get enough people to hold the webinar or a group
    wanting a webinar.
  • You will be notified by email of the date and time along with a login.
  • Your attendance will be recorded and you will become members at the
    conclusion of the webinar.
  • During the webinar, there will be a chat box for you to ask any questions you may
  • When 50% of your neighbors become CNW member you will get a free street
    sign to ward off criminals.

Registration Form